Manchester City withdraws from breakaway Super League – Manchester City Soccerway

Manchester City Soccerway has officially announced its withdrawal from the breakaway European Super League.

This comes as the newly introduced league continues to receive sweeping of criticism from football governing bodies, politicians, coaches and players across Europe.

Confirming the development in a statement made available on its website Tuesday evening, Manchester City Soccerway disclosed that it had formally enacted the procedure to withdraw from the league’s developing plans.

“Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally enacted the procedures to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League,” Manchester City in the statement said.

The announcement comes shortly after Manchester United executive-vice chairman Ed Woodward resigned his position following the backlash over the European Super League.

Reports suggest that Chelsea is also organising the paperwork to withdraw from the super league after fans protested outside the Stamford Bridge before the commencement of the club’s EPL fixture against Brighton.

Already, Liverpool’s skipper Jordan Henderson after a meeting with other EPL captains on Tuesday took to his Twitter page to reject the breakaway league.

“We don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen, this is our collective position,” Henderson tweeted.


“Our commitment to this football club and its supporters is absolute and unconditional,” he added.

Peoples Gazette had earlier reported that UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has registered his opposition to the Super League. FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Monday also said the breakaway clubs would have to face consequences of their action as they would not be allowed to operate their league within the established football ecosystem.

FIFA had in January said that a breakaway league would not be recognised and that “any club or player involved in such a competition would as a consequence not be allowed to participate in any competition organised by FIFA or their respective confederation.”

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