Gunmen abduct two nurses and storm a hospital in Kaduna

Gunmen abduct two nurses and storm a hospital in Kaduna. Just 24 hours after gunmen kidnapped Greenfield University students in Kaduna state, gunmen kidnapped two nurses who worked overnight at the General Hospital in Idon, Kajuru Local Government Area of the state, on Thursday morning.

Although confirming the incident, Hon. Cafra Casino, Chairman of Kajuru Local Government District, urged residents to stay calm as an inquiry into the kidnapping of the two nurses began.

While the authorities are yet to respond to the attack, Dr. Shingyu Shamnom, the hospital’s Medical Director, told journalists that attackers wielding deadly guns obtained entry to the hospital through the fence.

According to Dr. Shamnom, the attackers forced their way into the facility, fired sporadically, and abducted two nurses on night duty who came out and introduced themselves as emergency staff.

He clarified that they had to hide at their respective homes after hearing the gunshots.

“We were at home when we received word that kidnappers had infiltrated the hospital, only to learn that two of the nurses on night duty had been abducted by the robbers. The kidnappers took the phone of one of the team members, whom we assumed had also been abducted but who later returned,” he said.

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