Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua Fight Confirmed For July

According to the person himself, Tyson Fury’s summer season fight with Anthony Joshua will take place “in July.”

The Gypsy King was as soon as referring to Mexican boxing royalty Julio Cesar Chavez, since the latter is assisting in the selling of the ‘Tribute to the Kings’ PPV in June.

Chavez, 58, asked Fury, 32, if he was training for a war.

And Fury spoke up again: “Yes, in July.”

The Gypsy King’s all-British heavyweight unification match with AJ is without a doubt one of the most awaited matches in the sport’s history.

For months, there has been much talk about possible talks.

Last month, each boxer signed a two-bout deal.

However, Absolute best Rank and Eddie Hearn have been operating ‘non-stop’ since to safeguard the whole affiliation.

Hearn, 41, said, “Now we have shared those additional final draughts and there might be a lot of extra phone calls, so it’s as done as it can be.”

“It’s non-stop right now, so it’s happening, it’s 100% happening.”

According to Fury’s US-based promoter Bob Arum, the fight may take place in Saudi Arabia.

“Now we have [site deal] contracts that we’re marking up and so on,” he directed Boxing Scene.

“This is a significant development. We’re now finishing up the paperwork for the Saudis.”

In response to Arum’s remarks, Hearn said in an interview with talkSPORT: “Yeah, that was a remark made by Bob Arum.” You would not be able to tell Bob what to say and what not to say. I’m keeping my mouth shut when it comes to the subject.

“They’ve agreed to the terms of the deal. We presented them with a be offering from an online website, which they each licenced and certified.

It is one of the best matches of all time, and it is almost certainly the carrying match of 2021, so keep your fingers crossed – we’re almost there.

“We’re dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, and you’ll get a press release soon,” but the fight will take place this summer.

“It is one of the best of all time, almost certainly the carrying match of 2021, but keep your fingers crossed – we’re almost there.

“I’m always saying we’re almost there, but like I said, the website is online licenced, the contract is licenced, and all is done now.

“We are now putting the finishing touches on it, and an official announcement will be made soon.”

The fight is scheduled to take place during the Tokyo Olympics, with the possible dates being July 24 or July 31.

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