Recanting is insufficient; sack Pantami immediately, CACOL advises the Federal Government

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) has requested that President Muhammadu Buhari fire Communication Minister Isa Pantami immediately due to his extremist views.

The group argued in a letter to Mr Buhari that the minister had established a degree of orientation that could not be swept away by simply recanting.

“Mr. President, we wish to state unequivocally that the fact that Pantami has established the degree of orientation that has caused him to utter those grievous words and statements as mentioned above, cannot be wished away by mere recanting, as some people in your cabinet say he has done,” the group said in the document.

It went on to say that “ideological questions are rooted in the minds of those who seek it.” Even when they condemn it, they are not to be trusted because they will still return to the belief that led them to embrace the extremism, and for someone who has said that people should be killed and that he is pleased when he sees that and who has previously helped terrorists, we want to believe that it cannot be so easily removed from his mind.”

The group expressed concerns that Mr Pantami, who heads a data-sensitive ministry, might leak citizens’ information to terrorist organisations, reinforcing the need for Mr Pantami’s dismissal.

Following Peoples Translator Nigeria News accounts of his avowed support for militant organisations such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram, Mr Pantami has faced an onslaught of criticism and demands for his resignation.

The Translator Nigeria News released audio and video recordings of Mr Pantami expressing his sympathy and support for the parties.

Following the expose, Nigerians have continued to call for the minister’s resignation.

Ignoring the clamour and fears of Nigerians who demanded the minister’s resignation, Mr Buhari maintained that Mr Pantami’s “apology” was sufficient to heal the wounds and comfort the victims of his divisive history, despite accepting that Mr Pantami funded terrorist organisations and incited Muslim communities against Christians in the North through declarations of jihad and fatwa.

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