Nigerians slam Pastor Bakare and Father Mbaka for prophesying Buhari would stabilise the country.

Nigerians have slammed Father Ejike Mbaka, Senior Pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church in Lagos State and a Catholic Priest, for prophesying to millions of Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari would stabilise the country.

While criticising the clerics for misleading the country, a cross-section of Nigerians on Twitter demanded that the two men apologise to Nigerians for claiming to have heard from God and endorsing Buhari for president.

Bakare revealed in a sermon earlier this month that God revealed to him in 2011 that Buhari had a role to play in stabilising Nigeria.

“Following the contentious and divisive 2011 elections, as Nigeria drifted along with sectional undercurrents and the nation sought a unifying force, some of us urged General Muhammadu Buhari not to leave the stage, but to retract his words and form a coalition of the best of the North and the best of the South to save our nation.

“I have to admit that I played an important role in that mission. “God showed me in a vision that GMB still had a role to play in the stabilisation of Nigeria,” he explained.

Father Mbaka was also among those who predicted Buhari would be Nigeria’s solution. Nigerians recalled the two prophecies and clerics on Tuesday, saying they should apologise to Nigerians.

For instance, @ifemosumichael said, “Pastor Tunde Bakare and Father Mbaka told us that God told them that Buhari will stabilise Nigeria. Awon god of Men…. Religious Business Men. #Freekogi2


@UNCLE_AJALA said, “Tunde Bakare said God told him that Buhari was going to stabilise Nigeria, only for unknown gunmen, bandits, Boko Haram, inflation and insecurity to be causing instability in Nigeria. I hope God won’t let this slide God, God must punish those using God’s name to lie & deceive.”

@iam_Kingbuchi said,  “Tunde Bakare owea us an apology for: 1. Calling the name of God in vain. 2. For telling lies, saying God said when God has not spoken. 3. For selling Buhari to us. Tunde Bakare owes us an apology, and Father Mbaka owes us an apology too with a touch of giveaway.”

@VictorIsrael_ said,  “Pastor Tunde Bakare and Father Mbaka coming to tell us that God told them that Buhari will stabilise Nigeria is an eye-opener to the fact that not all men of God hear from God.”

@iam_foleymessi said, “Tunde Bakare and Father Mbaka said God told them that Buhari was going to make Nigeria great. These men need to apologise to Nigerians, then ask God for forgiveness.”

@SteptosIlu said, “I disagree with you. They don’t need to apologise to anyone because gods did tell them, just unfortunate that those gods are Taiwan gods and they don’t speak in English. The two men of gods too don’t understand Tai language. Brother, it was total miscommunication from beginning.”

According to @Aligam24, the clerics do not need to apologise, “they need to be imprisoned”.

@MildQueencha, however, said, “I think apologising to Nigerians is the first thing. Then confessing to the world that they don’t hear anything from God is the most important thing.”

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