All of the bandits with whom I bargained have repented and stopped kidnapping – Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, a prominent Islamic cleric, claims that the bandits with whom he previously conversed have repented.

The cleric has been visiting bandits in the forest in an effort to reach an agreement with them.

He had also urged the Nigerian government to grant the gunmen amnesty.

“I appeal to the government and recommend that they do to them what they did to the Niger Delta militants and grant them unconditional amnesty. Then, if anyone persists, we will deal with him,” Gumi had stated.

The cleric reiterated his call for amnesty in a recent interview with Roots TV.

He stated, “Everyone we met has stopped being involved in this kidnapping.” The people who are doing it now are rogues with whom we did not meet.”

According to him, the process of “sitting down with” other bandits has been stymied by “authorities” who are opposed to it.

“Our processes were arrested and halted by the authority, which is uninterested,” he explained.

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