Who is in charge of this country? – ‘Rudeboy’ Paul Okoye inquires

Famous Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, has asked Nigerians a perplexing question about the country’s ruler.

On April 28, he took to his official social media page to challenge who is really in charge of running the country’s affairs.

His questions come amid an unprecedented increase in insecurity in Nigeria. Many Nigerians have expressed concern on social media that President Buhari might no longer be in control of Nigeria’s governance.

These concerns stem from his apparent lack of decisive action to stem the tide of regular attacks in various parts of the country, ranging from Imo to Niger, Benue, Kaduna state, and other regions.

Rudeboy, who continues to believe that the president is not in charge, inquired.


”Abeg na who the rule this country ”

See his post below;


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