Senator, whose convoy was targeted by robbers, claims he is traumatised

Clifford Ordia, the Senator representing Edo Central, has described how he was attacked by bandits on two occasions on Monday, along the Okenne-Lokoja and Lokoja-Abaji roads.

Ordia, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts, told journalists on Wednesday that he narrowly escaped death when alleged bandits opened fire on his convoy on his way back to Abuja from his hometown in Edo State.

“Three police officers were fired during the exchange of fire between the criminals and security officers attached to me,” he said.

“One of the injured cops is in critical condition but adjusting to treatment in one of Abuja’s hospitals.”

He said that his personal vehicle was riddled with bullets, but that he was fortunate to have survived unharmed.

“I was severely traumatised by the incident. We were on our way from Edo State, somewhere between Okenne and Lokoja, when we came across these alleged bandits. They started shooting at my convoy. The valiant cops were forced to retaliate right away.

“The other security vehicle behind them had to join them right away, and they were able to repel the alleged robbers. Three of the cops were wounded by gunfire during the altercation. One of them was seriously hurt. We had to rush them to a Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja, Kogi State, right away.

“They did their utmost and were effective in stabilising them. I had to immediately call the Federal Medical Centre in Abuja and request that they be on standby. One of the cops had a bullet stuck in his liver.

“We had another setback near Abaji. Because of the incident, there was traffic, and we needed to make a move to save the lives of the injured cops. They started shooting at us. Some vigilantes were forced to enter the cops, and they were pursued into the jungle.

He urged the Federal Government to take urgent steps to restructure the country’s security system, warning that no one is secure anymore.

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