Lagos withholds a N25 million donation from a viral amputee hawker after discovering lies in her claim.

The Lagos State Government withheld donations made to amputee hawker Mary Daniel after it was discovered that she “lied” about her condition.

Mary, who was discovered by kind-hearted Nigerians after her storey was posted on social media, went viral while selling water in Oshodi.

When she was a child, the single mother said she lost a leg in an accident that killed all passengers, including her parents.

She went on to say that life became difficult for her and that she dropped out of school to fend for herself by selling on the market.

During an interview, she said that she is an orphan with a baby and an elderly grandmother to care for.

Her storey moved Nigerians, and well-wishers contributed a total of 25 million Naira.

This caused the Lagos state government to intervene in order to prevent criminals from profiting from her sudden wealth.

According to The Nation, the state government has discovered contradictions in her tale.

Her father was found to be alive, and she was amputated from birth, not as a result of an accident.

It was also revealed that Mary Daniel began receiving odd phone calls from those who staged her storey, threatening to expose the truth unless she paid them their cut of the pie.

Following revelations that her case had been staged, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu immediately handed her over to social welfare officials for investigation in the presence of the police and some Kogi leaders who attested her father was alive.

Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu informed The Nation that the young woman was in the care of Social Welfare authorities, not police, as previously stated.

“The cops were there, but she was not turned over to us. She was turned over to the Social Welfare Department. There were inconsistencies and lies in her account of her life.

“It was discovered that, contrary to her assertion that her parents died in an accident that left her amputated, her father is still alive and that she was born with a limb.

“It was also discovered that her visit to Oshodi was staged. Those working with her took advantage of Nigerians’ intelligence to raise funds for her.

“It became apparent as people began intimidating her. She had promised some N500,000 to others and was preparing to return to her home state when the information was leaked.

“I had to tie some police officers to her to protect her when she went to the bank. We were concerned that those people would follow her, but all went smoothly because they were not seen.

“At the moment, the state government is stopping her from receiving the funds.

“The government does not want it to become a thing for people to make up stories and manipulate people in order to get donations,” Odumosu said.

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