The Nigeria Diaspora Network has pledged $10 million in support of Nigeria’s 2023 candidacy, according to a spokesman.

Just 24 hours after President Buhari requested assistance from the American government to address Nigeria’s hydra-headed security challenges, an America-based non-profit organisation, the Nigerian Diaspora Network, has agreed to provide a ten million dollar grant toward a process that will encourage and support the emergence of credible and more productive candidates for the 2023 round of general elections in Nigeria.

The group said in a statement widely circulated in the media and signed by its Director of Publicity, Akintunde Ademola, that it was ready to make tangible contributions to the lingering political leadership that has stymied Nigeria after more than six decades of independence from colonial rule.

In the statement, the group said, “Today, we announce the establishment of a $10 Million Grant to help our partner organisations and candidates who meet our stringent selection criteria.” The aim is to develop progressive leaders and groups committed to guiding Nigeria toward a good governance system.

“The Nigeria Diaspora Network wishes to reaffirm our pledge, as well as our unwavering commitment to supporting young intelligent candidates running for elected government positions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We believe that in order to establish good governance, truthful, God-fearing, and selfless leaders must be elected to public office.

“We have also found that such candidates are hesitant to participate in the democratic process because they lack the necessary resources.

“Parameters for identifying and supporting candidates who possess these characteristics are being created.

“We will initiate a letter requesting a meeting with candidates with the aim of providing funding support from our Nigerian diaspora alliance for media and logistics purposes.

“However, we have made considerable progress in mobilising multiple and diverse Nigerian ethnic communities/groups to help our candidate option, as well as in building a global visibility avenue for the candidate through social media and websites.

“We have also built numerous reliable and safe online funding campaigns; we have mobilised Diaspora community support for any good governance candidate; and we have successfully secured high network individuals to underwrite town hall venue bookings and logistics in Europe, North America, and Asia.

“While we are proud of the support and efforts we have received in the diaspora, we will not waver in our commitment to providing local Nigeria media and logistics support through our local partners in the future.

“The Nigeria Diaspora Network will continue to be involved in supporting candidates with good governance initiatives,” the organisation said.

The group takes pride in advancing the vision that will drive good governance in a country through the six principles of freedom, transparency, accountability, honesty, clarity, and effectiveness. Democracy thrives best when good governance is the standard rather than the exception.

According to the declaration, “good governance is considered as a normative concept of administrative law, which obliges each country to conduct its functions in a way that promotes the values of productivity, openness, accountability, and responsiveness to civil society.”

“We empower people to mobilise, get engaged, and help good governance candidates running for office.” Nigeria Diaspora Network promotes democratic ideals and aims to create a better future for future generations.

“A healthy and vibrant democracy needs citizen participation at all levels. In recent years, we’ve seen what’s possible when people band together and fight for a more just and inclusive Nigeria.

Though the challenges we face as a country are real, there is no telling what we can achieve if we approach the fights ahead with the enthusiasm and dedication we feel today, and carry that energy into 2023 and beyond.

The Nigeria Diaspora Network was formed to provide logistical and media support to leaders and candidates, especially young and vibrant leaders, who are launching projects and forming new organisations to fight for our shared progressive values. We have planned to award funds to our candidates and affiliate organisations since our inception.

The Nigeria Diaspora Network, a group of Nigerian professionals living abroad, was formed to provide logistical and media support to leaders, especially young leaders, who are launching projects and establishing new organisations to fight for our shared progressive values.

Every year, Nigerians in the Diaspora remit billions of naira to their home country, but they are denied the right to vote in elections.

In an effort to find long-term solutions to the country’s security challenges, President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday urged the US to reconsider relocating US Africa Command (AFRICOM) from Stuttgart, Germany, to Africa, closer to the Theater of Operation, urging the international community to assist Nigeria and the sub-region in addressing growing security challenges.

Femi Adeshina, the President’s Special Assistant on Media, later signed a statement reporting that President Buhari, in a virtual meeting with US Secretary of State Mr Anthony Blinken, said AFRICOM, which partners with countries to counter transnational threats, should be relocated to Africa to strengthen ongoing efforts to check the security situation, with likely consequences for other nations.

“The security problems in Nigeria continue to be of great concern to us, and they are exacerbated by the complex negative pressures that exist in the Sahel, Central and West Africa, as well as the Lake Chad Region.

“As the situation worsens, Nigeria and her security forces remain steadfast in their commitment to controlling them and resolving their root causes. The importance of significant and strategic partners such as the United States cannot be overstated because the repercussions of instability would affect all nations, necessitating concerted cooperation and coordination among all nations to resolve these challenges.

“In this regard, and in light of the increasing security challenges in West and Central Africa, the Gulf of Guinea, the Lake Chad region, and the Sahel, which are weighing heavily on Africa, it highlights the need for the United States to consider relocating AFRICOM Headquarters from Stuttgart, Germany to Africa and near the Theater of Operations,” he said.

The President said that Nigeria will strengthen all types of cooperation with friends and strategic partners in order to work together for greater security for all, which remains the most important condition for overcoming the existential challenges.

President Buhari congratulated Blinken on his nomination by President Joe Biden and praised the United States for its decision to repeal the immigration restriction known as the “Muslim ban,” as well as re-joining the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Nigeria places a high value on its ties with the United States. In this regard, I would like to thank President Joe Biden for his gracious and decisive decision to repeal the immigration restriction known as the “Muslim ban” on travel and visas for people primarily from Muslim nations and African countries, including Nigeria.

“I also want to congratulate the United States on re-joining the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Climate Agreement. The United States’ leadership in these two organisations is critical for the international community.

“This action demonstrates the United States’ dedication to championing and promoting international organisations with the aim of creating a better world for all,” he said.

President Buhari stated that Nigeria remains committed to supporting global initiatives such as those enshrined in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which aims to limit global warming and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the President, President Biden’s convening of the Climate Change Summit last week was a clear sign of the United States’ renewed participation in the Paris Agreement.

“I’d like to extend our best wishes to President Joe Biden and his administration. May I also thank you for organising this meeting, which I am sure, given your experience and current position, you can use to strengthen our bilateral ties,” the President said.

The Secretary of State said that he was pleased to include Nigeria in his “first virtual visit to Africa,” adding that Nigeria and the United States of America have several bilateral issues in common.

He went on to say that he would be pleased to expand on the groundwork that was laid between the two countries more than 60 years ago, revealing that areas of discussion with Nigeria would include “how to rebuild our economies after the COVID-19 pandemic, protection for vulnerable populations, and climate issues.”

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