IPOB Reacts to Miyetti Allah’s Threats, Declaring That It Will Be Blood For Blood

Members of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, according to the Indigenous People of Biafra, will be killed if they attempt to harm any Nigerian of Igbo descent in the region.

The Nnamdi Kanu-led group said in a statement issued by its spokesman, Emma Strong, that the Miyetti Allah will lose if it carries out its threat.

The IPOB said this in response to the herders’ group’s threat to avenge the deaths of all herdsmen killed in the South-East.

Translator Nigeria News previously stated how the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore vowed to take both legal and cultural steps to avenge the deaths of 50 of its members at the hands of the IPOB in the last month.
Saleh Alhassan, the group’s spokesman, revealed this while responding to the killing of one of the Indigenous People of Biafra’s commanders by security operatives last Saturday.
“The security agencies should intensify efforts in dealing with all those terrorists killing Fulani herders, burning police stations, jails, and damaging institutions in the South-East,” Alhassan said on Thursday.
Alhassan said that at least 50 herders had been killed in the South-East in the previous month, and that his party would avenge their deaths.
“Over 50 herders have been killed in the South-East in the last month, we have the record, and the Igbo terrorists led by Nnamdi Kanu will pay for anyone they killed,” he said.
“It is sad that they have forgotten history, how we rescued many Igbos in the North during the Civil War, but now they are slaughtering our people. They are making a grave error. We will take all required legal and cultural action to avenge the deaths of our members.”

The IPOB responded on Thursday night, saying that such intimidation was intended for South-East governors, not the pro-Biafra party.
It went on to say that it would be “blood for blood.”
“Hear this, Miyetti Allah: IPOB is not a group of South-East governors you can harass and get away with.” “We are the same IPOB that brought down the #Zoo,” the IPOB said in part.

It went on to say that its main mission is to destroy the Fulani murderers who are masquerading as herders.
“We’re on the hunt for any murderous herdsman.” We’re on the hunt for Fulani terrorists and killers disguised as herdsmen.

“If you carry out your attack, it will be your last.” “We no longer believe in turning the other cheek; it’s now blood for blood, and you’ll lose,” the statement concluded.

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