Biola Adebayo: Don’t expect my marriage to be flawless

“Don’t expect perfection from us because we aren’t, but our God is, and we have placed him at the centre,” actress Biola ‘eyin oka’ Adebayo said after exchanging vows with her man.

After tying the knot on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, the famous Nollywood actress expressed her true feelings to fans and social media followers.

“Babe, thanks for choosing me to walk the “Journey” of life with you, I wholeheartedly choose you above all else,” the actress wrote, praising her husband.

Adebayo, who also posted a video of her wedding ceremony in a registry, discussed how she overcame her fear of marriage.

“We wish you a happy married life, babe. Yes, I said! And today, we embarked on a life-changing journey. As assertive as I am with many things in life, I am not sure I am with “marriage.” My fears have held me down for so long, but then I held unto his word and “I believe.” I do not believe in my strength or ability, but in the one who knows the end even before it begins (The Alpha and Omega). I dropped all my fears and worries at the feet of the Lord Jesu.

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