For security, a young CEO accused of fraud allegedly hires soldiers and a native doctor.

Michael Oti Chidiebere, the founder of Racksterli, who has been accused of fraud by users of his online payment site, has reportedly secured the services of military personnel and a native doctor.

Michael, also known as Blackgold, has been involved in affiliate marketing since 2016. In 2019, he founded Racksterli and became a millionaire after several people signed up for the website.

Racksterli is an investment platform that rewards individuals when they sign up for their preferred package and actively participate on their website through the earning system.

Many people have compared it to a rebranded Ponzi scheme. While some beneficiaries have stated that they were charged, others have accused the 25-year-old of defrauding them of their hard-earned money after they invested it in the platform.

According to social media posts, Michael hired soldiers and a native doctor with whom he travels for safety after some of the victims of his alleged scam allegedly threatened him.

Though photographs of the young CEO with his security detail circulated on the internet, some affected individuals took to social media to slam the Racksterli founder and share their stories.



@arazu_fidel wrote; Someone that scammed people walking freely like as if it never happened Nigeria ejor who do us this thing

@Theonlysophynit; Please come and give me my money. Na me be the bread winner for my family. No let Ogun enter this matter @blackgoldtwitt

@david_nzenwa; Our money don go. He is covered physically and spiritually @Racksterli1

@Pondies_ said; Chaiii the guy na scammer wey legit..werey tell people wey him Dey owe wey he never pay make them invest again say e go pay them both together..

@davidkengz; My money still Dey there 28 k

@brightluv85 said; @officialEFCC will not look into this now

@Zarklothn; You own me money, con collect army and babalawo as bodyguard.

O wrong now

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