The actress was rushed to the hospital after attempting suicide

a source of contention Princess Shyngle, a Gambian-born Ghanaian actress, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after attempting suicide again.

The actress, who attempted suicide in 2018, attempted suicide again in the United States of America and is currently being treated in a hospital.

This will be the actress’s second suicide attempt in three years.

Footage circulated on the internet shows her in a hospital bed. A medical report also reveals the substances she ingested in her suicide attempt.

“Depression is a real thing. “I got this,” she captioned the video, which has since been removed from her Instagram storey.

After taking an overdose of drugs, the actress was rescued by a neighbour and rushed to a hospital in Lekki, Lagos, in 2018. She also drank bleach, according to reports.
Princess Shyngle, who dismissed the suicide attempt article, claimed in an Insta-story post at the time that she had a nervous breakdown, which landed her in the hospital.

She also confessed to having depression while thanking those who supported her during her hospital stay.

Recall that the actress recently declared her divorce from her husband, Gibou Bala Gaye, three months after their marriage.

She said she was leaving her husband due to allegations of domestic abuse.

She also posted receipts and audio recordings of her estranged husband admitting to domestic violence against her.

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