Fani-Kayode warns Gumi once more, telling him to avoid threatening and provoking the South

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Aviation Minister, has cautioned Islamic cleric Sheik Gumi over his recent statement warning that Nigeria faces instability if the Minister of Communication is removed. Dr. Isa Pantami has been shot.

In an online interview monitored by the Vanguard Digital team, Fani-Kayode warned that bringing Islamic values to modern government and attempting to impose the will on everybody will further destabilise the country. He also warned that bringing in people like Pantami and others who are known fundamentalists and have a track record of Islamic fundamentalism into government and legitimising them as nice guys will further destabilise the country.

“Now I see that the son has taken up his father’s mantle and is saying nothing but nonsense. He speaks for a wide segment of people in the core north who are ignorant and really don’t know any better, and I believe this is what irritates all of us. Nobody can tell me it’s right or proper for him to suggest that if Pantami is removed, we’ll be sorry. What the heck does he think he is? Who do they believe they are? We all own this country, and I’d like to make that point to him right here on this programme.”

According to FFK, who has diligently written and also vowed not to focus on Pantami again, something must be done about people like Pantami and others or else the government would regret it, particularly because they are attempting to fulanize and Islamize the country through stealth jihad.

“But, because you poked me and Gumi said what he said, let me tell you that as long as we have people like Pantami in government and others who think like him in government, that government, our people, and their people will regret it because there are always consequences to any action.” It’s just a matter of time.”

Fani-Kayode mentions stealth and guile, and assimilation as the first technique to be used, which includes the use of technological manipulation, while highlighting ways in which certain elements aspire to fulanize and Islamize the nation.

“You go there, claim to be a democrat, but in reality what you’re doing is introducing Islamic ideals to modern governance and attempting to force your will on everyone.” “You put in people like Pantami and others who are proven fundamentalists and have a track record of Islamic fundamentalism into government, legitimising them as nice guys.”

Noting Pantami’s long history of anti-Christian activities in Bauchi, FFK addressed the case of a father who came out and said Pantami is responsible for the death of his wife, as well as instances of him saying things that are profoundly disrespectful to the Christian community in this region.

“When you say you’ll lead Muslims into a Christian community to destroy Christians, this is intolerable to us, and Gumi’s claim that such an individual is a good man deeply troubled me. This same Gumi is a man who constantly negotiates with Fulani terrorists. He is the man who claims that Christian troops, not Muslims, are murdering your people.”

FFK went so far as to say that while no one wants to openly associate with terrorists, many people still support them behind the scenes. This is the problem that moderate Muslims, Christians, and non-Muslims face in the world, as we are dealing with a group of people who don’t care how you feel and are willing to do anything to stop you.

Fani-Kayode analyses why people like him and their uncouth mouths pose a grave danger to Nigeria’s unity by observing the contemptuous way he talked about the people of the Niger Delta, the south, and the middle belt with absolute contempt and ignorance, which does not anchor well for national unity.

“If you really want Nigeria to remain united, they must learn to keep their mouths shut and avoid insulting southerners, middle belters, Christians, provoking us, killing us, and telling us that you own this country and each and every one of us. We can’t be slaves, and I’ll never be a slave to anyone; what I say is that if you don’t stop, you’ll see another side of this struggle.”

FFK’s audacious declaration can be interpreted as “people can exercise their right to self-preservation” because “enough is enough in this country,” or “everyone must go their separate ways.”

“What we are saying is that we are calling for the reconstruction of this country, but to be honest, most of our youths are calling for restructuring.”

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