Mr P: It irritates me when people talk to me as a dancer

Following the release of his first solo album, ‘The Prodigal,’ Mr P has shared his dissatisfaction with his fans referring to him as just a dancer.

This was revealed by a former member of the now-defunct music group P-square during an interview with DJ Cuppy on her ‘Africa Now Radio.’

“When I was working on this project, I knew that every single I had released was never going to be on the album, let me tell you something, sometimes I hear people say Oh! he is not a singer, he is a dancer, it doesn’t hurt me, let me be honest with you, it doesn’t make me feel bad, it doesn’t make me angry, I just feel disappointed you kn I was busy bragging about this song, and I’ll tell you why: I knew what I was doing, I knew people were going to like it, and the way I entered the music industry as a solo artist was special. I come from one of Africa’s largest groups.”

“I think I have given hope to the helpless, I have given a lot of people who never believed in themselves, a lot of people who people are trying to downgrade, I have given them hope that you can be a survivor,” he said. “I knew this moment was coming and I knew what I had set aside,” Peter said.

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