Eedris Abdulkareem Calls Keyamo a “Senior Advocate Of Nonsense” In New Song

Following the growing disclosure of the private communications between the friends-turned-enemies, Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem has lashed out at the Minister of State for Labour and Productivity, Festus Keyamo, in his newly released single.

In the new track, titled “Jaga Jaga Oti Get e,” the “Jaga Jaga” crooner indirectly refers to Keyamo as Senior Advocate of Nonsense while raising concerns about national insecurity.

He mentions Keyamo’s role in the government’s suspected terrorist propaganda in the album.

“Is your government not a cabal wey dey pamper plenty terrorists?” he asks, referring to the Buhari administration’s cover-up of Dr. Isa Pantami, Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, whom the government refused to release despite obvious terrorism connection allegations.

The song also makes reference to the numerous reports of kidnappings across the country, with Abdulkareem describing extremism as a “hallmark” of the government.

He claims that many people, including himself, initially supported Buhari but have since come to regret their decision.

He urged Deltans to be alert, as Keyamo’s activities are aimed at gaining support ahead of the state’s 2023 election cycle. The minister is said to be preparing to run for governor of the state.

On April 24, SaharaReporters announced that Keyamo stated in a tweet that Eedris approached him in 2018 when he was appointed Director of Strategic Communications for the Buhari Campaign Organization and wanted to join the community for a fee.

He said he told the artist he didn’t have the money for it.

The minister went on to say that the singer begged him for a loan of more than N3 million to pay his hotel bills in Abuja as well as to care for his sick mother.

Keyamo also revealed that the musician pleaded with him to introduce him to Abubakar Malami, Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), and Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation, in order for him to continue his path of “moving into the system.”

The minister said that his refusal to honour Abdulkareem’s request prompted the singer to support Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) then-presidential candidate, for the 2019 general elections and to become a critic of Buhari’s government after the polls.

In a statement (in pidgin) issued on Sunday, Eedris narrated his side of the storey, saying, “When he [Keyamo] was imprisoned, I supported him and fought (Olusegun) Obasanjo on behalf of all the prisoners. Jagajaga was set free by me. When my mother died, I reached out to a brother, or what I felt was a brother and comrade. Could he have helped, yes; did he help, no…such was his heart’s wickedness that he munched and held personal information for three years… Typical of a blackmailer!

“Even in 2018, I considered the man to be a comrade. He believed he could influence reform in the government he worked for. Then he entered the cabal, became inner caucus, and held the steering wheel as Nigeria spiralled into disaster. He entered the cabal in order to crush the youth movement. The cabal that slaughtered our youths at LEKKI TOLL GATE.

“I returned to the studio for ‘Jagajaga Reloaded’ with a vexed heart, and the Blackmailer went to town. The cabal has been awakened. The cabal has been attacked. The cabal is in a lot of pain. The cabal is imploding. The cabal will be demolished.

“The blackmailer said that I had recorded a song for Buhari. The song is called ‘Obasanjo Write Buhari Letter…’

“The issues posed in Jagajaga Reloaded are true. Never before in Nigeria’s history has the situation been so dire. The Jagajaga has grown to enormous proportions. We must continue to raise questions. We must challenge the cabal.

“Festus Keyamo has been a member of the cabal. He is in agony because his next goal is to become governor of Delta State. Perhaps to localise grand looting, terrorism, murder and rape of our people, abduction, which his cabal has romanticised and packaged as banditry, and various other forms of mis-governance. That’s why Jagajaga ti get e! Festus Keyamo na cabal.”

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