The Nigerian Army Responds to Allegations That It Killed Igbo and Christian Soldiers

The Nigerian Army has claimed that it is the “callous and cowardly enemies of Nigeria’s stability and unity” who are peddling the idea that it has sent soldiers along ethnic and religious lines to be killed in the line of duty.

This was reported by the Army in response to a news item titled “Secret Fulani plot revealed – The Compromised army leader,” which said that the military is now using its deployment to destroy Igbo and Christian staff.

According to the news, “two Igbo officers, Lt Col Okeke and Lt Col Ajah, along with 44 others, mostly Southern and Middle Belt Christian officers, were killed in a plot hatched by Fulani senior officers.”

Brig-Gen Mohammed Yerima, the Army’s Director of Army Public Relations, claimed in a release on Monday that the allegations were “illogical and pathetic storey” and that no such names existed in military records.

“For the umpteenth time, the callous and cowardly enemies of Nigeria’s peace and unity are at their worst moments of divisive and subversive rhetoric against our beloved nation and its patriotic Nigerian Army,” he stated.

“The Nigerian Army’s attention has been drawn to an online journal.” However, it should be noted that the Nigerian Army does not train, deploy, or operate along racial, religious, tribal, or regional lines.

“In the past, many subversive elements tried, but failed, to penetrate the formidable ranks of the Nigerian Army in order to sow the seed of discord among its staff.” This is primarily due to the Nigerian Army’s loyalty and faith in one great nation, Nigeria.

“The amateurish article portrayed in self-proclaimed stages 1-9 in a fictional movie-like scenario devoid of even the most essential rudiments of a news storey but laced with potent hate and venom for Nigeria and its proud people.” One must forgive the illiterate author of this article and his sponsors for referring to the Chief of Army Staff as Lieutenant General Jega (Stage 1, paragraph 1).

“Similarly, on the alleged killing of some personnel, a fast search on the Nigerian Army personnel database returned negative for Lt Cols ND Okeke and Aja, as there are no names, matches currently serving in the Nigerian Army who were allegedly killed in a plot whatever that means.”

“The Nigerian Army also wishes to reiterate its commitment to protecting the lives and assets of all people and residents in Nigeria.”

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