Why I Know El-Rufai Isn’t Fully Against Bargaining With Bandits—Governor Fayemi

Kayode Fayemi, Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), has stated that Nigeria must use a military solution to solve the banditry problem confronting its citizens because some bandits are irredeemable.

He also noted that some bandits only need to be reoriented and rehabilitated, and that unemployment and other socioeconomic problems play a role in their criminal activities.

He also revealed that his Kaduna State counterpart, Nasir El-Rufai, is not fully opposed to talks with bandits.

El-Rufai, he claims, is only opposed to a specific type of negotiation that emboldens offenders to continue committing heinous crimes.

Fayemi spoke with journalists at the 2021 Pre-Synod Nehemiah Summit, which was held over the weekend at All Souls’ Church in Lekki, Lagos, by the Diocese of Lagos Anglican Communion.

“Any loss of life is a loss to all of us; it’s not only to family members, but they feel the pain more,” he said. I don’t believe my colleague is averse to bargaining with robbers.

“Governor El-Rufai is only opposed to one form of agreement that emboldens criminals to continue committing heinous crimes.

“He has previously advocated for negotiation in the retrieval of the Chibok children, indicating that he is neither fully averse nor completely averse to negotiation.

“I am discussing negotiation by referring to inform research that terrorism almost ever disappears on the military stage, but it is almost always attenuated on the negotiation table.”

“We have always said that unemployment and other factors are fueling youth violent extremism,” he added.

“I’m referring to drugs, climate change, and a variety of other topics. This suggests that people are not born criminal; rather, there are socioeconomic factors that contribute to their criminal behaviour.

“I am aware of the Governor of Kaduna’s agitation. He is much more informed about the local situation, and he will always act in the best interests of its people.

”I know he is a serious governor, and I know he is committed to the protection of the people’s lives.”

He mentioned that Nigeria must employ both kinetic and non-action kinetic methods of combating insecurity.

“And for those who are beyond salvation, and some of these bandits are,” he said, “we must go and carry them out.”

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