In Nigeria, Mr. Clarke predicts the country’s demise at the hands of his father within six months, and stands by it

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Robert Clarke, has sworn by his father’s grave that if caution is not exercised, Nigeria will crash in six months.

Clarke, responding to questions on Translator Nigeria News about the Department of State Services’ pledge to hunt down those tearing Nigeria apart, said what is happening in the south east is already devolving into a civil war.

“Those who should know better are merely speculating. Small boys who stole under Sani Abacha set up political parties to help him keep control are contributing to the problems.

“Nigeria was stronger under Shehu Shagari in 1982 than it is now in 2021…

“Nigeria will crumble in six months if nothing is done, I swear by my father’s grave,” he predicted.

Senior Lawyer and Buhari ally tear into the presidency, revealing what will happen to Nigeria in the next six months

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The DSS Igbos Naira Catfish Tinubu Debo Obasanjo Keyamo

— just in case Jack pulls another shii May 3, 2021 (@incaseJackstrik)

In a statement issued on Sunday, the DSS announced that it would no longer tolerate people attempting to plunge Nigeria into anarchy.

According to a statement signed by its spokesperson, Peter Afunnaya, the “Service reaffirms its unambiguous support for an indivisible, indissoluble, and united Nigerian State in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, it will no longer tolerate deliberate machinations by subversive and hostile groups whose agenda is to throw the country into anarchy in order to serve the interests of a few.”

The DSS issued direct warnings to previous political leaders and religious leaders, arguing that calling for a “forceful change of government or mass action against it” is a sign that Nigeria is on the verge of disintegrating.

“As a result, the Servcie is assiduously collaborating with other security and law enforcement agencies to ensure the country’s stability and internal security.”

“Some religious and former political figures who have either called for a violent change of government or mass protests against it.”

“It has been identified that the main goal of these is to cause the nation to disintegrate,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that those at the forefront of this are decent individuals who should be patriotic and not allow their personal ambitions to destroy the country. The Service has also acknowledged their desperation and proclivity to work with external forces and powers against Nigeria.”

Afunnaya cautioned that “while democracy allows for free expression, it does not allow for reckless pronouncements capable of undermining security.” It is instructive to remember that the ballot box remains the vehicle of reform in a democracy.

“In this regard, self-centered individuals and groups are cautioned to refrain from engaging in actions that are detrimental to the peace and sovereignty of this country. In the same way, prominent people should be aware of evolving circumstances and avoid divisive and inciting remarks that might lead to a breakdown of law and order.”

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