In a gun war with Nigerian forces, white foreign Boko Haram fighters were killed

Nigerian troops apprehended and killed foreign nationals who were assisting Boko Haram’s operations in West Africa on Monday.

According to a military source, the troops ambushed the international Boko Haram insurgents after collecting intelligence warnings of their involvement in Sambisa Forest.

In a shootout with Nigerian troops, the foreign terrorist fighters were killed.

Although the origin of the assassinated insurgents is unknown, the development coincided with long-standing reports that foreigners, especially those from the Middle East, are fighting alongside jihadists in the war-torn Lake Chad region.

Boko Haram’s activity in the West African region has continued to have a negative impact on the region’s socioeconomic prosperity, with investors fleeing terror-torn countries.

In Nigeria, the militant group has managed to exacerbate the country’s security issues in the northern region, taking responsibility for a string of kidnappings and killings.

The Translator Nigeria News announced in April that Boko Haram rebels had taken over Shiroro, displacing over 3,000 civilians.

In addition to capturing Shiroro, the rebels levied VAT and income taxes on locals.

In April, approximately 65 communities in Niger reportedly signed a N20 million peace agreement with Boko Haram terrorists in order to stop attacks on their communities.

This was a response to President Muhammadu Buhari’s inability to ensure the protection of lives and property in the province, which had been the site of many brutal assaults and kidnappings by Boko Haram.

Mr. Buhari’s commitment to address the country’s security issues has been called into doubt after he sided with terror-linked communications minister Isa Pantami.

Following The Translator Nigeria News’s reporting on Mr Pantami’s avowed support for militant organisations such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram, he has faced an onslaught of condemnation and demands for his resignation.

Mr Buhari, who admitted that Mr Pantami sponsored militant organisations and incited Muslim communities in the North against Christians by a statement of jihad and fatwa, maintained that the minister’s “apology” was sufficient to repair the wounds and comfort the victims of his divisive history.

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