Yomi Fabiyi, Baba Ijesha, has vowed to lead a rally against the installation of CCTV cameras

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor and filmmaker, has announced that he would take to the streets to lead a rally calling for the arrest of comedienne, Princess, and other adults involved in the CCTV that revealed Baba Ijesha.

Baba Ijesha was arrested for reportedly defiling a minor, and several celebrities have continued to criticise him on social media.

Comedienne Princess revealed that her foster child was the baby sexually abused by Baba Ijesha.

Taking to Instagram, the entertainer announced that after her marriage ended, some parents allowed their six children to come and live with her so she wouldn’t be lonely.

She said that while she was caring for the six girls, she was also assisting Baba Ijesha.

Princess said that he molested one of the three girls who lived with her on one of his visits.

She said that the defilement had a negative impact on the girl, causing her to fall behind academically and otherwise.

A footage of the actor sexually raping the minor on CCTV was recently posted.

Yomi Fabiyi, who blasted Princess and the alleged rape victim’s biological parents for “putting her through another round of molestation only to get proof,” has announced that he would lead a nonviolent rally for Princess, as well as any adult who knew about the CCTV camera installation, to be convicted, prosecuted, and punished.

“If this is not understandable to you again, I am sorry I cannot help further,” he wrote. And if I have to fight alone, I will fight for the young lady (minor). Please understand that I have never supported Baba Ijesha’s acts, such as rape or child molestation, at any time.

“CAN YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO EXPERIENCE MORE ABUSE FROM THE SAME TORMENTOR FOR Some REASON? The girl needs immediate assistance. Take the kid away from the guardian IMMEDIATELY!

“All ADULTS, including Baba Ijesha, and everyone else involved in the case must be arrested as soon as possible.

“For God’s sake, the cops saw this cctv beforehand and never touched anybody in the video, that’s ridiculous!” WHY SHOULD THE LAGOS POLICE ACT IN THIS MANNER AGAINST A CHILD?

“No credible justice system would ignore any aspect of the investigation. If the kid has the ability to make her own decisions, she would never want to be victimised again, regardless of the alibi, BUT SHE WAS ALLOWED TO BE ABUSED. Nigerians must learn to trust the police and avoid taking the law into their own hands. Emotions may be harmful if they are expressed excessively.

“If the CP continues to do the right thing after seven (7) working days, Nigeria will either go forward or backward. To make progress, we must all TAKE TO THE STREET and fight for every girl. The Lagos Governor and the Police must act IMMEDIATELY!

“We are making choices that will save our own lives. Trust me, it’s worth putting everything on the line for. I invite all Human Rights Lawyers, adults, to a court of conscience.”

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