Chidinma explains why he turned to gospel music

Chidinma Ekile, a gospel singer, has discussed why she switched from secular to gospel music.

The artist, who goes by Mummy GO, is currently signed to the Eezee concept and has recorded her first gospel album, “Jehovah Overdo.”

She regretted squandering so much time on secular music and vowed never to do it again.

The end-time fighter, as she often refers to herself, added that the devil has won for far too long in her life, so she now needs to put all of her abilities to work for her heavenly lord.

“Our God is trustworthy; He never lies and always does as He commands. So I’m here today after a long trip. I had the chance to spend time with Him, which is a rare blessing, and He told me a lot of things, including that He has been waiting for me. As a result, He is overjoyed to see me. God has been really deliberate in His care for me.

“He is really concerned for me. I’m not out for the attention. I’ve had it all, and I believe I’ve had enough of it. So, now is the time to start working for my dad. He is the one who summoned me; I did not summon myself.”

“In reality, I didn’t want to be here, but I’m going into ministry full-force.

“So, most of you do not appreciate my ways because you don’t understand where I’m coming from, and this is due to a lot of time being lost. As a result, I need to keep up with time. I’m going with time, but there is none.

“For all too long, the enemy has triumphed. I’ve had my share of leverage and all of that, but now I’m using what the enemy believed he had given to me, even though it was given to me by God, when he was lying that he had given them to me, and now I’m using all of that to work with my father.”

“So, if you see me doing anything really drastic, just consider where I’m coming from, because there is no time. There are far too many people outside who we could get back into the building.

“Jesus will return earlier than you think. But we can’t let them lose out on that. “It’s time to get to work,” she added.

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