How to share data on Airtel: Step-by-step guide

Here’s the definitive guide to using Airtel’s Data Me2U service to move data.

How to Use Data to Exchange Data on Airtel Me2U is an abbreviation for “Me Me2U, often known as Airtel Data Share, is a unique service that enables an Airtel subscriber to express their affection for another Airtel subscriber through passing a portion of their current data allocation to the other individual.

This ensures you can purchase a pack and share it with family members, relatives, or coworkers as long as they are on the Airtel network. Registration for Me2U If you are an Airtel network subscriber, you do not need to apply for the Airtel Me2U service because the service is available to all active lines. Simply change the default PIN that came with the line to a personal and more stable PIN that you can recall quickly but that no one else can guess.

How to Get to Me2U *141# is the Airtel conversion code for the Me2U operation. To use the app, dial *141# and then pick the Gift or Share Data function. After that, pick Data Me2U. And that is how Airtel data is shared.



Which Me2U data package plans are available?

The service allows you to share the usual package deals, such as Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles, and Mega Packs.

What is the mutual data bundle’s validity?

The validity of the shared bundles would be the same as that of the initial bundles. For eg, if you have a package with a validity end date of 20th June 2021 and exchange any of the data from that bundle, the recipient’s data will also expire on 20th June 2021. Woman wearing a white and black lined crew neck sweater and clutching a black mobile. @Andrea Piacquadio, UGC is the source.



What is the maximum amount of data that can be exchanged at one time?

You can only share 200MB with one user.

How many people will I share my space with?

You can only share with a limit of two people per day. This means you can only exchange a total of 200MB per day with two receivers. You can exchange packages with the same individual again only after the first shared package has been completed.



Is a special SIM card needed to use the Me2U service?

You don’t, you don’t. Since all newly activated SIMs are automatically data-enabled, no special SIM card is needed for the Me2U service. However, each SIM must have been KYC-ed; otherwise, data operation would be disabled. Customers are urged to conduct KYC at their closest Airtel store or affiliate store. That’s what there is to it when it comes to using the Me2U app to move data from Airtel to Airtel.

What is data donation?

Airtel also offers another option called Data Gifting. This service enables you to purchase a package package with another Airtel user with your own airtime. This differs from the Me2U programme in that you are not trading the packages with others; instead, you are purchasing their own. Also, Me2U is only available for standard packages, while Gifting is available for all package forms. To enter the Gifting programme, dial *141# and then pick the Gift or Share Data function, as with Me2U. Then, pick Data Gifting. How to Borrow Airtel Data Subscribers can borrow data from Airtel using the Airtel Credit Loan Service.

The programme helps qualifying users to borrow data on credit and pay it back as they recharge their phones. Customers that are eligible for Airtel Borrow Data include the following: Prepaid Airtel customers who have a licenced SIM card Customers who have paid off all prior loans and related fees Customers’ monthly recharge level and total spend are also taken into account. You will find out if you are qualified by dialling *500#. If you are disqualified, you will be asked to recharge at least N100 monthly in order to be considered for the programme.



Here’s how you can borrow data from Airtel:

Airtel data balance check codes Dial *500# and then select 3 for Borrow Data. (Remember that *500# is the code for borrowing Airtel data.) It is important to remember that you can borrow as many times as you want as long as you stay under your credit cap. And if you have already lent airtime and have not repaid your loan, you can still repay as long as it is within your credit cap. A service fee of 15% is deducted in addition to the total amount for the data. Loans are repaid as consumers recharge their accounts via either channel. *500# is the Airtel data borrowing code. So, you now have all of the knowledge you need to know about how to exchange data on Airtel. Remember that Me2U encourages you to swap previously bought packages, while the Gifting app allows you to buy bundles for others with your airtime.

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