How to Check Airtel Number – For New Users

It can take some time for new users to recall their SIM number. If you have lost your airtel number or do not know what it is, you should get it. Here are the various methods for checking your Airtel number.


Airtel Building

Method 1: Check Your Airtel Phone Number

This is the most basic approach for determining your mobile phone.

Insert your SIM card into your cell. Check to see if your Airtel SIM card has been allowed.

Open the phone dialer app and enter the USSD code *121#, then 3, and enter 4. Or dial *121# >> 3 >> 4. before pressing the call button.
On the screen of your cell phone, you can see a flash message with your airtel number that says, “Hi, Your phone number is: xxxxxxxxxx.” Don’t forget to write down your phone number.



Method 2: Using a USSD code, you can search your Airtel mobile phone.

This procedure is identical to the one described above. However, you can carry out the procedure using a different code.
Insert your phone’s powered Airtel SIM card.
Open the Advertisement for the Mobile Phone App

*121*1# is the USSD code.
You will get a flash message with a promotional deal immediately after dialling this USSD number; click OK on it.
You can get another flash message containing your Airtel mobile number within a few seconds.

Method 3 for determining the Airtel mobile number

On your cell phone, enter the USSD code 121 or 198.
Calling will connect you to Airtel Customer Service

Select “Mobile Services” from the drop-down menu.
You will hear the automated response inform you of your telephone phone, balance, data balance, and the validity of your balance.



Method 4: Verify your Airtel mobile number

MyAirtel App can be downloaded from
Go to the MyAirtel App’s home page to see your Airtel number, SIM card plans, data balance, and other stats.


Method 5: Flash another User

Another way to know your Airtel number, recharge your SIM with either N100 or so before you try this method. Use that SIM and flash a nearby number and your Airtel number will appear.

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