One person is killed when a house in the Lagos police barracks collapsed

On Tuesday, a bungalow in the Mounted Troop Police Barracks in Ikeja, Lagos State, partially collapsed, killing one Peace Bulus and breaking her sister’s arm.

The victims’ mother, Hauwa, who narrowly avoided death along with the injured victim and her two other daughters, was said to have collapsed from shock.

Hauwa and her four children were sleeping in their one-room apartment in the barracks when the building imploded around 3 a.m., according to Nigeria News.

It was discovered that the door’s lintel abruptly collapsed, shattered Peace’s skull, and fractured her sister’s arm.

Rasheed Adedeji, an eyewitness, told PUNCH Nigeria News that Peace died on the spot, adding that her wounded sister and their mother, who fainted from shock, were rushed to the Police Clinic in Ikeja for care.

“The incident occurred about 3 a.m., as rain was falling,” he said. When we arrived, we discovered that the lintel of their room had collapsed and fallen on two of the children who were sleeping.

“As the lintel fell, it crushed Peace’s head and broke the arm of another boy, and the impact on the mother caused her to collapse.

“It’s an old bungalow. The building’s roof is still standing, but I’m shocked how the door lintel collapsed.”

Another eyewitness, Idris Abdulsalam, said it took eight strong men to raise the lintel and recover Peace’s remains, adding that her body was buried in a cemetery in the Agege region of the state.

As PUNCH Nigeria News arrived at the scene, friends and family members were seen lamenting the disaster in front of the building.

When asked for comment, the deceased’s devastated father said, “God giveth, and God taketh,” and declined further comment.

When contacted, Muyiwa Adejobi, the state Police Public Relations Officer, said he would investigate the incident and get back to our correspondent, but had yet to do so as of the time of filing this storey.

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