Husband proposes marriage to the man with whom his wife has been having an affair.

An Indian man recently left the entire country perplexed after assisting his wife of seven years in marrying the man with whom she had been having an affair for years.

Uttam Mandal and Sapna Kumari of Bhagalpur, Bihar, India, married in 2014 and have two children together.

They were happy together for a while, but Sapna fell in love with a relative of Uttman’s, a younger man who visited their house every now and then, and the two began an affair.

The husband found out about Sapna’s affair and they argued about it many times, but because Sapna couldn’t get over her lover, Uttman decided to do the unthinkable and step aside to allow his wife to marry the man she loved.

“I was angry and depressed for a while, but I wanted to find a solution.

“Three people’s lives would have been ruined if I hadn’t done this. This was the only way out. “Now we can all be happy,” Mandal told ETV Bharat.

Sapna’s parents and in-laws tried for years to persuade her to stay with Uttam and not break up the family, but their attempts were futile, and in the end, Uttam persuaded them to attend his wife’s wedding ceremony with her lover, Raju Kumar.

He planned their wedding at a Durga temple in Sutanganj, Bihar, and also blessed them, saying their union was created in heaven.

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