South Korea tells Nigeria that it does not need international assistance to resolve insecurity

Nigeria has been urged to address its security issues internally because they are merely “family matters.”

The South Korean Ambassador to Nigeria, Kim Young-Chae, who provided the advice in Abuja, compared the country’s insecurity to a family feud that does not necessitate the involvement of the international community, but rather regional cooperation.

“Security is a very sensitive issue,” he says. I understand that everyone is worried about the insecurity in Nigeria, but it is a domestic problem. Nigerians should have a discussion about it. If any country engages Nigeria, it is a completely different issue, and it will be considered a foreign issue. To address the problem, Nigeria requires international cooperation, primarily from its neighbours, in order to strengthen its internal security. To ensure cooperation, Nigeria must work with Chad, Niger, and other neighbouring countries.

The envoy, who emphasised the importance of professionalising the military, characterised the Army as the core that keeps society together.

He went on to say, “In South Korea, we have a very good defence that is ranked sixth in the world.” The military is devoted, and there is little or no corruption in the system. The military serves as the glue that keeps the nation together. If the military is corrupt, the nation as a whole is likely to be corrupt as well. Discipline and commitment are important in developing a stable and effective military.”

According to the ambassador, both countries were on the verge of signing a defence and intelligence-sharing agreement.

He clarified that the Asian country had created a defence attaché office in its embassy to enhance bilateral cooperation.

Young-Chae went on to say, “In order to provide defence knowledge sharing, both Nigeria and South Korea must sign some papers.” Both countries’ defence officials must sign the documents that our Defence Attaché is currently working on. We want to invite Nigeria’s Minister of Defense to South Korea in order to formalise this cooperation.

“The South Korean embassy in Nigeria now has a defence attaché who is developing relationships in the country.” This is the first time in a long time that South Korea has established a defence attaché in Nigeria. We are in talks with the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force to expand our defence cooperation beyond training and education to include intelligence and knowledge sharing, among other things.”

The ambassador praised Nigeria’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, adding that the African country was doing everything possible to keep infections to a minimum.

Young-Chae, who described trade volume between the two countries as “very poor” at $1.2 billion last year, blamed the development on the international market’s free fall in oil prices and the “unfriendly” existence of Apapa port.

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