Nigeria Will Never Break Up, Says TB Joshua, Pro-Biafra, Yoruba Agitators Are Angry

TB Joshua, a Nigerian TV evangelist, believes the nation will remain united amid insecurity in various parts of the country.

Joshua, a preacher whose prophecies have recently been criticised, spoke at his church on Sunday. He showed a video of a prophecy he made about Nigeria in 2014.

The preacher discussed Nigeria’s current upheaval, which has been sparked by the COVID-19 and turmoil in various parts of the world, and related it to the 2014 prophecy.

“Nigeria is beautiful outside this crisis,” he says.

“Your prayer now is that you witness it so that this tragedy does not take you forever,” the cleric said solemnly during a service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

“It has been decreed that this country will be regarded as a strong nation.”

According to Joshua, leaders will be held accountable for their roles in the crisis.

“Huge trouble is coming, and no human being will be able to survive it unless you have a hand in it,” he said. Nigeria is shrouded in a shadow… Nigeria is shrouded in a haze of crisis, assassination, shootings, and devastation. The cloud will pass, but Nigeria will not. Power without peace is meaningless… The manner in which you wield the power will decide whether or not there is harmony in it.

“Power is in the heart, not the arsenal, the White House, or Aso Rock.” If you live in the White House without having control in your heart, you are living in the jungle. I can promise you that nothing can happen to Nigeria. Nigeria will remain a country!”

“They have invaded everywhere,” Joshua said in response to instability fueled by banditry and terrorism. There isn’t a single section or department in this country where these people aren’t present. It has evolved into a professional role. No one is safe from force, might, and guns unless those whom God protects – because they have invaded everywhere. They’re no longer confined to the bush; they’re everywhere.”

In response to the country’s political crisis, Joshua said, “There will be an answer if they can pay the price; by putting their political agendas aside and discussing the unity of this nation.”

“I’ll say it again: protection, police, weapons, and soldiers can’t protect anybody anymore because everything is infiltrated.”

Joshua’s YouTube account was recently suspended. After analysing at least seven recordings, a human rights organisation lodged a lawsuit depicting the preacher performing prayers to “cure” gay people.

The prophecies have gotten a lot of coverage on social media, with TB Joshua being one of the most recent trends on Twitter.

Many pro-Biafra agitators are outraged by the prophecies. Many Nigerians responded in turn.

“TB Joshua prophesied that Nigeria would not break up,” wrote MBrown on Twitter. This is coming from the same prophet who took cameras and a media team to his fasting wilderness last year. Said Coronavirus could be eradicated before May 2020, which turned out to be a forgery. Make sure everybody has their own dey.”

Joshua was chastised in a number of quarters after his prediction that the coronavirus pandemic would end on March 27, 2020, did not come true.

Months later, the killer virus is still wreaking havoc on many nations, with a second wave of the novel disease making headlines.

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