Reactions as Etinosa acknowledges the crash of her second marriage

Etinosa Idemudia, a Nollywood actress, has announced the abrupt end of her second marriage, which produced her daughter and lasted just six months.

Stella Dimokokorkus, a celebrity blogger, had let the cat out of the bag in an Instagram update.

She claimed that the actress married in September 2020 and that their daughter was born in December 2020.

She did not, however, mention the reason for the divorce in her article.

Following Stella’s revelation, Etinosa was forced to announce the end of her marriage in a post on her Instagram storey, referring to the blogger as a “old witch.”

The actress revealed that the blogger publicised her pregnancy even though she wanted to keep it private due to the problems surrounding the conception, and that she has now done the same with her marriage.

Etinosa also blasted her ‘mate,’ who she thought leaked the news, and told the celebrity blogger to let her be.

“This ‘old witch’ again!” wrote the actress. I really didn’t want to respond, but I’m afraid if I ignore you, you’ll never stop. You were the first one to publicise my pregnancy, which was barely surviving the first trimester due to complications. I remained silent. “You’ve returned, and I know you have receipts; otherwise, you wouldn’t dare us to refuse. I can’t say I blame you. You are being fed by a trusted associate, an insider.

“May God forgive that person. Everyone, including you, is going through something! Thank you for relieving me of this responsibility. You made an attempt. But please, Stella, stop me from now on. “T is for tenx.”

Meanwhile, social media users have responded to Etinosa’s failed marriage.

Most people believe it is unethical to marry just because a woman discovers she is pregnant, pointing out that a woman will never really hold a man with pregnancy because he will inevitably leave.

Also, Etinosa has launched an online acting talent show.

Others have ridiculed the actress, pointing out that she is now the target of the ridicule she heaps on others.

Victoria Inyama is at the top of the list.

For a long time, the movie stars have been at odds.

When Idemudia declared the birth of her child in December 2020, Inyama chastised her for being a single mother.

Idemudia responded by informing the actress that she was married and chastising her for being a single mother.

victoriainyama wrote: “Awwwwwww ‘wetin issue married woman with single mother’……..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Never ridicule a pain you haven’t felt……all It’s right…..”

“Ladies, stop believing you can tie a man down with pregnancy oh, cos the man will always abandon you after childbirth,” olorifirstlady01 wrote.

“Pregnancy should never be the reason,” ray15th said.

why you’re going to marry someone It is possible to be pregnant and live apart.”

“2 husbands don follow her….for she to use Bible smoke weed….I knew she was bad news,” bellgusta said.

“Lol please nobody can come for me but Etinosa deserves everything she’s getting because she’s notorious for laughing and mocking people’s pain,” said. So let her enjoy what she’s always dishing out to others.”

“Akuko….husband wey we no see….is that one husband?” argued Gucikuci.

“Eti mama, do you remember when you ridiculed your Ellie colleague?” wrote oyeoku. You also mentioned a married woman with a baby mama? Ok, your karma arrived early.”

long ass day tweeted: “A husband who wants to be invincible is already suspicious.” When you marry, make sure you have a full chest.”

“Ah when you chook mouth in other people’s business and don’t mind your own,” assmarcello wrote.

“Moral of the storey: Never ridicule a suffering you have not experienced,” ceefy greatness said. Put yourself in other people’s shoes before passing judgement or tearing them down.

“She dey still dey laugh single mothers and shame them….welcome to the club baby girl,” what if 2020 said.

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