Suspects apprehended in Osun reveal Benue shallow graves containing wives, as well as four others

Benue State police have discovered mass graves in the state’s Katsina Ala Local Government Area.

The finding was made possible by two of the eight gang members arrested for kidnapping in Osun State last week.

Remember that the Osun State Police Command announced last Saturday the arrest of eight members of a gang from Benue State in the state’s Omo Ijesa district.

The Osun State Police Command’s spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola, clarified in a statement on Saturday that the eight-member kidnap gang kidnapped one Mrs Catherine Akiishi and moved to the state to secure a ransom for her, and that the suspects would be handed over to the Benue State Police Command.

Aondoaseer Terseer, aka Bob Tsetse, 23, and Orkashima David, aka Cash Money, led a team of detectives to the shallow graves where their victims were buried in order to hide their nefarious activities on Monday.

The suspects claimed to be working for one Azonto, a militiaman and the late Gana’s second-in-command, and claimed responsibility for several kidnappings and killings of security agents in Benue State’s Sankera district.

Three male and three female decomposing bodies were discovered in shallow graves, with two of the females killed in January and April being named as the wives of two of the suspects.




The victims were identified as John Nyitamen, Catherine Akiishi, Aondoverb Fidelix, and two of the suspects’ wives.

Tertse reportedly admitted to murdering his wife after a piece of wood he threw at her pierced her neck due to a misunderstanding.

David said that his father ordered his wife’s death after accusing her of attempting to set him up by calling security agents.

According to him, the wife was murdered and buried in a shallow grave with the assistance of his two other gang members.

The suspects identified their other gang members as Umangu Ihuman, alias Aka; Agwe, alias Banga; Aondover Ihom, alias D’ver; Luper; and Yaryon, alias Snake, adding that four of them had been killed by security agents.

DSP Catherine Anene, the state Police Public Relations Officer, acknowledged the finding but said she was still waiting for information on the operation carried out by her colleagues in Katsina Ala.

“Yes, I can confirm the storey, but I’m still waiting for the details,” Anene said over the phone to our correspondent.

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