Desmond: Wetin’ them talk say I do again? Elliot inquires as the trolling continues

Desmond Elliot, a Nigerian senator, has responded once more to the recent trend in which he is blamed for almost all that goes wrong in and outside of Nigeria.

Following his speech during plenary at the Lagos state house of assembly last year, in which he referred to Nigerians on social media as infants, the actor turned politician became a trend on social media platforms.

In recent weeks, his name, along with images of him, has been coined into catchy online memes, such as “Na desmond Elliot cause am.”

Desmond, who recently said that he would do better, has asked what he did wrong, as the trolling continues on Twitter and Facebook.

He posted a picture to his checked Facebook account with the caption;

”Wetin dem talk say I do again?

#RamadanKareem to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

One love!”

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