A man is taken aback when his landlord raises his rent just days after ranting on social media about Lagos landlords

A Nigerian man was taken aback when his landlord wanted to raise the rent just days after he went on a social media rant.

The guy, identified as Olumide GlowVille, stated that he made a post aimed at Lagos landlords a few days ago and was surprised to receive an increase note.

Olumide was told in the letter he posted on Facebook, which was conveyed by his landlord’s lawyers, that his two-bedroom flat rent had risen from N450,000 to N550,000.

And the new raise did not include wages for protection and cleaners. The house in question is said to be in Lagos.

Olumide, who was taken aback by the news, said that he would rather laugh about it.

He posted a picture of the letter with the caption, “I made a post about Landlords this week and I got this memo from my Landlord tonight.”

This is much too outrageous for me to become enraged. I’d rather have a good laugh about it. “Ti ya o, Canada.”

See the letter:

man rent landlord

man rent landlord

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