After being humiliated for stealing spices, a woman receives cash, a refrigerator, and food items to start a company

A woman’s fortunes have improved just days after she was ridiculed for reportedly stealing from a grocery store.

Social media users stepped in to help her by donating to ensure she received valuable products for the start-up of a company.

Remember that the Cameroonian woman was apprehended a few days ago and nearly lynched by an enraged mob over stolen food spices at Ndogpassi Market in Douala?

After images of the incident went viral, Cameroonian blogger N’zui Manto Officiel launched an online fundraising campaign to help her start a company.


The efforts yielded numerous results, which the French-speaking blogger later posted on Facebook.

On Thursday, May 20, Manto posted photos of a refrigerator, food products, other goods, and cash given to a woman to help her start her own company.

See more photos below:


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