A 23-year-old woman sues the man who saved her from drowning

A man only known as David has been taken to court by the woman he saved after she almost drowned at a pool party in her neighbourhood.

The young woman said that he would not drop the charges she had filed against the man who had saved her life.

Kim Wright, 23, claims David, 29, took advantage of her while she was vulnerable, and she seeks revenge.

A video of David, a web developer, dragging Kim out of the water, rubbing her chest a few times, and giving her a mouth to mouth until she coughs again can be used as evidence against David in court.

Kim is suggesting that David should have let someone else save her; she found out that he was playing with her breasts and that the reason she awoke was most likely due to the foul odour of David’s mouth.

The woman claims that the techie took advantage of her when she was defenceless, and she seeks revenge.

“I should have died peacefully, but now I’m living a nightmare; I was sexually abused in broad daylight by the only sober guy at the party; what are the odds?” She said.

David, who is still stunned by the allegations levied against him, has said that if he is found guilty, he will lose all faith in the justice system.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let her die that day. “I knew she hated me; I didn’t think she’d rather die than be rescued by me,” he said.

Josh, the man who shot the video, said he feels bad for Dave and now wishes he hadn’t.

“I was making mean remarks when Dave was performing CPR on her, and I think she must have felt something when she saw the video because he looked at the camera and grinned after saving her, and people made a few memes about the pose,” he explained.

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