Lady laments that a guy who asked me out last month blocked me because I was doing tiny “shakara.”

A Nigerian woman has described how she received the shock of her life from a man who expressed interest in dating her.

According to Ayanfe, the guy asked her out last month, but she didn’t want to appear too simple or cheap, so she has been stalling.

Ayanfe said that she likes him, but she wanted to play hard to get for about a month before agreeing to go out with him.

Unfortunately for her, the young man was not prepared for such games, so he stopped sending her messages and most likely blocked her phone number.

She made the revelation in response to Adebusayo’s observation on Twitter that men are no longer convincing when wooing women.

”Has anyone found that men are no longer persuadable? When they ask you out and you say no, the case is closed,” she wrote.

Ayanfe wrote in her novel, “Aswear you are right.” This nigga asked me out last month, and I have a slight crush on him. I just want to do a small Shakara in the hopes that I can welcome him in a month.

He hasn’t messaged me yet. E likes to say, “E don’t block me.”

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