According to Bode George, Tinubu regularly withdraws N9 billion from the Lagos Internally Generated Revenue Account

Bode George, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, claims that excessive revenue leakages and massive corruption are to blame for Lagos state’s slow growth.

In an interview with Yoruba Tooto TV, George accused Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, of stealing N9 billion from the Lagos state’s internally generated revenue account on a monthly basis.

“Are you aware of the amount of revenue generated internally by Lagos state on a monthly basis? N60 billion is a minimum, and someone (Tinubu) is sitting on 15% of it. This equates to N9 billion per month “‘He stated.

According to the former PDP deputy national chairman, the country’s electoral system is rigged.

As he stated, “This country’s voting system is a sham. That is why I believe we should be more prayerful and charitable. The winner is not determined by popular vote.

“How is it possible that the issue of bullion will remain unrelated to the election? We are only fooling ourselves. This country has a problem. How are we to proceed with this?

“You cannot even coerce people at this point; they are enraged. If you talk to people now, they will tell you that politicians are bad people who should be avoided at all costs. In this country, life is difficult.”

George added that the late Funsho Williams should have been elected governor of Lagos state.

“He is a decent man, a man of great responsibility. He’s like a brother to me, as he’s a year younger than me in school. He would have been a better governor of Lagos state if he had been elected “‘He stated.

Williams, a candidate for the state governorship, was assassinated in July 2006.

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