In the market, a young graduate kneels in front of his grandmother to express his gratitude for sending him to school

A young man, simply known as Edward, expressed his gratitude for his grandmother’s sacrifices in a grand public display of appreciation in the market.

He recently graduated and took to the marketplace to publicly express his gratitude to his grandmother for training and educating him.

According to Ayodeji Odeyele, a LinkedIn user who shared photos of the man and his grandmother, he went straight to his knees in his graduation gown.

In one of the photographs, the woman placed her hand on his head, as if praying for him.

While it is unknown whether the grandmother is a market vendor, the young graduate knelt amid plates of potatoes and banana bunches.

Ayodeji captioned the photos; ”It was an emotional moment for Edward and his Mom as he got on his knees in the market place where she works to thank her for all the sacrifices that enabled him finally graduate!

God bless you Mom! πŸ’ž


People flooded the comment section to congratulate Edward and to express gratitude for his mother’s efforts.

Umurhohwo stated that this is an excellent example of expressing gratitude.

Grace Apara; she will reap the benefits of her toil.” According to Olusegun Oyedepo: “What a wonderful individual!

Rawlings Ogums Chisom; Mother: I adore them. They can toil in Africa to ensure our safety. My mother did the same thing. God bless our mothers and fathers who were there for us.

Nduese, Dominic; Congratulations, both of you. What an emotionally charged post. To God be the glory, it concluded with praise.

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