MURIC backs Sharia in South-West, tells Christians to ‘mind their business’

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has expressed support for the South-introduction West’s of Sharia.

According to the Islamic group, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and other Christians should mind their own business.

The comment came in response to the PFN’s warning against any attempt to introduce Sharia law in Yoruba states via the Senate’s ongoing constitutional review.

Professor Ishaq Akintola, Director of MURIC, accused Christians of always being the first to fire shots and inflame the polity.

He stated that Christians are well aware that Shariah is a fundamental human right granted by Allah to Muslims but are determined to deny them through unconventional means.

“PFN and other Christian organisations are well aware that Shariah existed in the South West decades before Christianity arrived in 1842. Shariah was practised in Ede under the leadership of Oba Abibu Olagunju (Habeeb, a Muslim given name), and the Ede Shariah Court operated in the town’s Agbeni neighbourhood until 1913. In 1914, it was relocated to the Agbongbon area.

“Shariah was implemented in Iwo under Oba Momodu Lamuye’s (Muhammad Lamuye’s) administration until his death in 1906. Even Ikirun’s seventh Akirun, Oba Aliyu Oyewole (d. 1912), instituted Shariah in 1910. These are just a few examples of Shariah’s existence and spread in Yorubaland, and Christian leaders are well aware that it was British Christian colonialists who put an end to Shariah and imposed Christian common law.

“They are, however, cognizant of the growing tide of Islamic awareness in the South West. They have witnessed the transformation of the previously passive Muslim community into an active, articulate, and politically conscious populace. They are afraid that the sleeping giant will awaken and seize what is rightfully theirs.”

MURIC urged Nigerians to comprehend Christians’ siege mentality, which, like “all aggressors,” believes that attack is the best defence.

According to the Islamic group, Christians are adamant about retaining all of the loot left to them by their principal as benefactors and inheritors of a century-long colonial rampage.

“They have lost sight of the fact that the only constant in life is change. We are concerned about the voyeuristic disorder that has manifested itself once again in the PFN. It is the Peeping Tom syndrome that motivates our Christian neighbours to crane their necks in order to peer into the Muslims’ soup pot. In examination hall slang, this is referred to as ‘giraffing.'”

Akintola recalled that the Constitution Review Panel had invited Nigerians to submit their wishes for the constitution.

Rather than telling the panel what Christians desired, the director stated, PFN insisted on what they did not want Muslims to request.

“The question is, what do Christians desire? It is obvious that they have been spoiled beyond belief by their colonial master, who presented them with our common patrimony on a gold platter. As a result, they no longer desire anything because they already possess everything they require. However, they wish to maintain the status quo because it benefits them.

“Christians must ask for what they lack and what they desire out of decency, courtesy, and protocol. Rather than that, they are pleading with the committee not to tolerate Muslim demands. Christians, on the other hand, already have their own common law, which has nothing to do with shariah. Muslims are the ones who require Shariah.

“This attitude is comparable to that of the dog in the manger who received its own meat and bone from its master. The dog ate and became satisfied. However, when the master gave the horse hay, the dog barked vehemently to prevent the horse from accessing the grass. However, do dogs consume grass? How imprudent can our neighbours be?”

MURIC cautioned the PFN and its allies to stay away from the path of Muslims in the South West, noting that the demand for Shariah is a matter of civil rights.

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