Bobrisky releases receipts as he accuses Goldtiful of renting a G-wagon and claiming ownership for his followers

Bobrisky has accused Goldtiful, a rival crossdresser, of deceiving his fans by claiming to now own a G-wagon.

Goldtiful shared a photo of himself in a car, which he claimed his sugar daddy purchased for him.

Bobrisky retorted, claiming Goldtiful was not telling the truth. He added that Goldtiful is deceiving his followers in order to gain influence.

Bobrisky then shared a video purporting to show the “rent details and impound fee Dubai police are requesting from the rental on the white G-wagon” Goldtiful claimed was his.

The following are the latest posts from Bobrisky and Goldtiful.

Swipe for the video Bobrisky released as “proof” the car was rented.

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