The Tiv community accuses the Buhari administration of remaining silent in the aftermath of herders’ killings of indigenous people.

Shikaan Mbagene Kpav, a member of the Tiv community in Benue State, north-central Nigeria, has decried the federal government’s and security agencies’ silence over the attack and killing of innocent people by herders in the state.

Residents of Shikaan Mbagene Kpav told reporters on Saturday that they were concerned about Thursday’s attack on their community.

According to the community, 36 people were killed by herders and they received no recompense from the Buhari-led government.

Mr. Andrew Tom, a community spokesman, said 36 people were killed, including students at Katsina-College Ala’s of Education.

He stated “The incident elicited numerous responses on social media. However, this government is insensitive to its citizens’ plight. While others are treated well, the majority of this country’s population is neglected.

“The Fulanis are carrying AK 47 rifles and moving freely and unchallenged by our security operatives, but when they apprehend others carrying such weapons for self-defense, they use all manner of force to ensure they are imprisoned or killed for carrying guns for self-defense.” As Mr. Tom stated

“Mr. President should understand that they cannot eliminate us all before the end of his tenure, and that appointing another of his tribal men to rule this country will be impossible.

“His administration is drawing to a close, and if Nigerians take up arms against his people in the end, how would he imagine that situation, which I see as a possibility if this ugly situation persists and the government’s behaviour toward other tribes in Nigeria remains unchanged,” he added.

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