Gunmen storm the Niger community, kidnapping about 200 Islamiyya students

According to reports, 200 students from Islamiyya school in Tegina, Rafi Local Government Area, Niger State, were kidnapped on Sunday.

This comes just hours after the remaining 14 abducted Greenfield University students were released on Saturday following a 40-day captivity.

However, one person was killed and another critically injured in today’s incident.

According to reports, the gunmen stormed the community around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

According to Zayyad Mohammed, a resident of the area, the Salihu Tanko Islamiyya school where the incident occurred was built by a retired Immigration Officer.

According to Channels, other sources stated that the Islamiyya school is not a typical Sangaya boarding Islamic school, but rather a conventional one where parents send their children on a daily basis to acquire Islamic education.

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