Ebonyi’s APC and PDP feud over allegations of harassment against Umahi


The dispute between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi State appears to have no end in sight, as the leaders continued their media war yesterday.

At a press conference in Abuja, Ebonyi APC leaders mocked the PDP caucus in the National Assembly for its recent media statements against Governor David Umahi.

The APC leaders, including serving and former members of the National Assembly, dismissed the governor’s use of newly established Ebubeagu operatives to intimidate opposition members as baseless.

Last week, PDP National Assembly members led by former Governor Sam Egwu accused Umahi of inciting violence against his opponents.

“Today, Ebonyi is awash with weapons supplied and distributed by the state government to undocumented and untrained individuals, ostensibly for use against perceived political opponents,” they said.

However, at another press conference held yesterday in Abuja, APC leaders led by Senator Julius Ucha urged Ebonyi leaders from all political parties to focus on ways to mitigate the country’s corporate and social well-being, rather than spreading propaganda through the media.

This is not the time for political squabbles, finger-pointing, blame games, acrimony, or foul language, according to Ucha; this is the time for finding solutions and working toward collective and social harmony.

The group expressed concern about the governor’s “provocative statements.”

“We are distressed that on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, a delegation of PDP National Assembly members from Ebonyi, led by Senator Samuel Egwu, addressed the press and made wild, provocative, and tendentious allegations against the APC-led government in Ebonyi,” the statement continued.

“However, we are surprised that they did not retract their statement, knowing full well that this is a serious security matter that should not be trivialised or politicised, all the more so given that the governor’s actions were based on decisions reached jointly by all South East governors, regardless of party affiliation, and that our governor, as chairman of the South East Governors, made the decision.” If this is not proactive and commendable leadership, we don’t know what is.

“As a result, we condemn the press conference in its entirety.”

The APC’s leaders stated that there was no evidence that Ebubeagu had harassed anyone.

“Rather than devolving into crass partisanship, one would have expected the Ebonyi PDP caucus to find ways to support the governor’s efforts to secure the people of Ebonyi,” they added.

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