Empower factional bandits to assist you in combating the bad guys—Sheik Gumi advises the FG

Sheik Ahmad Gumi, a popular Islamic cleric, has advised the Federal Government to support bandit splinter groups as a means of putting an end to mass abductions of schoolchildren.

Gumi said in a new interview with Punch that many bandits were open to dialogue and that the Federal government could use them to combat the “ugly ones” and put an end to their kidnappings.

The Sheik, who previously advocated for bandit amnesty, stated

“We are constantly attempting to do our best, but as you know, shaking requires two hands. You are aware that these individuals (bandits) require engagement on the part of the government. If you communicate with them without involving the government, there is a problem.

The government must be proactive in dealing with them. We have a large number of them who are willing to fight the bad guys. Utilize the bad to combat the ugly, and the good to combat the bad once the ugly is defeated. Consider Boko Haram; who eliminated Shekau? Wasn’t it a schism? Thus, it is simple.

All of these agitations, you see, will succeed if the government can create a splinter group and empower it, because every man desires power and money.

Numerous individuals are prepared to submit. All of the people I meet in the bush are telling us, ‘We are prepared.'”

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